Soulful Steps is a non-profitable, non-commercial and non-political public charitable Trust and is a comprehensive support foundation for Differently Abled individuals/ Special needs individuals. Soulful Steps aims in providing support for Special Needs individuals from their birth, till their old age and also aims in supporting their families. 
Soulful Steps is registered under sections12A & 80G of Income Tax act. The registration nos. are:
1. 12A: AAZTS2548EE20206 
2. 80G: AAZTS2548EF20206

Soulful Steps aims in executing the following activities:
  • To do awareness generation, to have early intervention and to provide comprehensive Support System:
The Trust aims to take up comprehensive awareness generation programs amongst general people about Special Needs and their positive sides, through various workshops, camps, shows. For the purpose, various media platforms like web, social media, electronic media and paper media will be utilized.
  • Providing In house doctor’s chamber, therapeutic unit, special education support and other associated support:
The Trust aims to initially develop a centre for in-house occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, physical activity, dance therapy, music therapy, doctor’s chamber, counselling setup, vocational training setup, special needs education setup and all other allied setup for the purpose of providing comprehensive need based support for all special needs category. The said centre will also aim to incorporate sessions for activities like dance, music, drama, other fine art activities, public speaking and grooming for special needs individuals. With this vision, a development center is already opened at BD-82, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.
Details can be found at
  • Providing support for Education & vocational training:
The Trust aims to support, educate and provide guidance & assistance to special needs children to get admission in formal schools under inclusive model. Further, for the purpose, the trust aims to initially open up an in-house Special needs educational setup, a vocational training setup. In long run, the trust aims in developing a formal higher secondary school/ residential school and college for imparting education for Special Children under inclusive model.
  • In-house respite/ day-care setup:
The Trust aims to develop an in-house respite and day-care set up for Special Needs Children and for other children with varied needs.
  • Providing Legal support & guidance:
The Trust aims to provide legal guidance through qualified legal professionals to all special needs individuals, wherever required.
  • In-house Shelter
The Trust aims to provide complete shelter with food, lodging and complete healthcare support to Special Needs individuals. It also aims to assist in the development of an old-age home, wherein inhabitants can look after each other and take care of each other.
  • Self-sustenance Model
The Trust aims in creation of building a model for self-sustenance through income generation from various resources through development of fees based old age home, Higher Secondary Schools/ Residential Schools, Colleges, Pathology Centres, Diagnostic Centres, Nursing Home/ Hospitals, Support Centres, Hotels/ Restaurants, Training Centres, Online Marketplace, Shops, Dance/ Music/ Drama/ fine arts activity based academy, film/ music/ theatre production house for making of movies/music videos/ theatres etc. The income generated through all these stated setups will solely be utilized for further development and up-bringing of the Trust.

The trust also aims to provide early intervention support for Special needs children and their parents to provide initial counseling, guidance towards milestone based developmental activities through qualified professionals. The trust aims to provide guidance so that the Special Needs Children gets best possible requirement-based support from early stage of their lives.
The trust also aims to create a comprehensive support system for individuals with all types of Special Needs including but not limited to Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Speech disorder/ delay, Epilepsy, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sensory Processing Disorder,  to live socially equal, healthy, self-determined and fulfilling lives through research, medical care, education, advocacy etc.