Early Intervention

What are early intervention services for special needs? The term refers to services given to very young children with special needs, generally from birth until the child turns three. For this reason, these programs are sometimes called "Birth to 3" or "Zero to 3." Learn more about early intervention services and why they benefit special needs children and their families with this overview. Soulful Steps offers the best possible early intervention service for your child with special needs with all facilities under one roof, with best of the professionals in the town and with services like Counseling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physio-therapy etc.

What Early Intervention Services Include

Early intervention services include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. They are provided either in an therapy setup or in the child's home. The hope is that if these services are provided early, the same will address any delays in development so that the child will not need services later on.

In addition to getting your child assistance with the earliest developmental milestones, early intervention can be a milestone in your parenting. It will mark your first experience with evaluations, team meetings, jargon-filled documents that reduce your child to scores and apparent potential, and helpful people who know more about your child in some ways than you do.

Unless early intervention takes care of all your child's issues, you will likely have this experience again and again as your child rolls through therapies & special education. Your advocacy style may be fairly low-key and the decisions made may seem to be relatively low-stakes at the beginning. In reality, however, the experiences you have at the beginning, will get more matured over time. And over time, your perspective towards early intervention, therapies, special education etc. will get change and you will handle the special needs more confidently and more delicately.

Some parents postpone getting early intervention services for their children. They may reason that their child is just slower than others and will catch up to their peers soon enough. This is not only wishful thinking, but it can also be detrimental to a child's potential. Early intervention offers a child the best bet for success in the future, so don't avoid these services. Welcome them!